Tree Trimming

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Better Whole Tree Health

Your tree requires water and nutrients from the soil as well as plenty of sunlight in order to thrive. Unfortunately, trees can overgrow, which means that not every branch receives the sunlight, nutrients, and water required for healthy growth. Trimming your trees regularly ensures that the whole tree flourishes. All of the remaining branches will grow more healthily, and you’ll see more leaves and new growth throughout the growing season.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Your Trees:

Trimmed trees simply look better. We can trim and shape your trees to improve their appeal. If you have stray branches jutting out from your tree, or low hanging branches that make your yard less appealing, we’ll lop them off.

Better Fruit and Flower Production

Did you know that trimming your trees’ branches can help them to grow more vibrant flowers and more fruit (if they are fruit or flower producing trees, of course)? If you love a cherry-blossom filled landscape or the fruit from that apple tree in the backyard, then you should consider regularly trimming the branches of those trees.

Relieving Obstructed Views

Your trees are supposed to be part of your view, not obstructing that picturesque landscape that you used to be able to see from your deck. If you have trees that have overreached their bounds, we can trim them to give you that ideal framed view that you desire.

Removing Obstructive Branches

If you’re constantly scraping past branches as you mow the lawn, or you can’t park your car in the driveway due to an overhanging branch, we can get rid of those obstructive branches. We also remove branches near power lines, fences, and branches that are dangerously close to your home. Take note, if you have branches hanging over your home or branches that are near the facade of your home, a storm or lightning strike can wreak havoc on your abode — it’s best to remove these branches before they cause damage.

Trimming Dead, Dying, and Damaged Branches:

If you notice a tree branch that isn’t thriving, it’s best to remove it, since it can damage the tree, or it can fall and damage your property (or an unlucky passerby!). Be wary of branches that no longer grow leaves, branches that are discolored, branches that are sagging, and branches that are partially or entirely broken.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tree Trimming

How much can a tree be trimmed before it actually harms the tree?

Trees are actually pretty resilient, and in most cases, it won’t harm the tree to trim it — even with aggressive trimming. That said, it’s important to be cautious not to trim too many of the largest branches at any given time, especially lead branches (the branches which grow directly from the trunk of a tree). We take care never to trim too much off of trees that we work on, and we’ll let you know if the amount of trimming you desire may be dangerous to the tree. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best not to trim more than 25 percent of a tree’s branches, otherwise you might end up losing the tree.

Why should I rely on professional tree trimmers?

While it may be easy enough to prune a few small branches here or there, trimming your trees can be difficult and dangerous. Plus, if it’s performed improperly, you could damage the tree. We know how to properly trim trees, and we have the proper tools and tie-off equipment for larger, high-up branches. On top of that, we make quick work out of the most difficult jobs, since we have the right tools and experience to work efficiently. We’re also licensed and insured, so if an accident should happen, you won’t be paying the consequences.

How long will it take to trim trees on my property?

Most projects can be completed in a day, including clean-up time. Unless you need work performed on multiple, large trees, you can expect us to be out of your hair in no time.

What equipment do you use to trim trees?

We use a variety of tools, each suited for specific tree trimming jobs. We own a series of saws, ranging from handsaws to chainsaws, making quick work of any size branch. On top of that, we have equipment that makes climbing trees easy. We use a cherry-picker truck, tree climbing equipment, including tree spikes and ropes, among other tools, in order to ascend your tree and lower down any limbs that we cut safely.

Can tree trimming be dangerous?

Absolutely. We’re well aware that tree trimming comes with its fair share of hazards. That’s why we utilize safety-first practices, and we work with the best equipment for the task at hand. We strive to minimize the inherent dangers of tree trimming through planning, coordination, safe practices, safety equipment use, and continual safety training for our employees. We urge you not to attempt tree trimming procedures on tall trees and/or trees with large limbs yourself, since a mistake can be costly, harmful, or even fatal. We’re also licensed and insured, and we carry workers’ compensation insurance, so that your property is protected, as well as our employees.