Crown Thinning

& Canopy Trimming

If you have an old tree in your landscape, it may be overgrown. That’s why we provide our tree crown thinning services.

We’ll strategically lop off tree limbs that are excessive, obstructive, or dangerous. If you’re considering tree crown thinning, we’ll take a look at your tree and devise a crown thinning plan that fits your needs, while ensuring that your tree still thrives. Now, there are numerous reasons to thin your tree’s canopy.

Top Reasons to Thin Your Trees’ Crowns & Canopys:

When spring rolls around, it’s likely that your landscape will look a little lackluster, thanks to the snowy months. You can end up with felled trees, broken branches, dead shrubs and bushes, sorry-looking mulch, you name it. Fortunately, you can count on the experts here at Able Tree to clean up your property. As the weather warms up, you can schedule an appointment with us to take a look at your property and provide a thorough cleanup. We’ll customize our services to fit your individual needs, but our goal is always the same: With our spring cleanups, we strive to make sure that your property and its plants are ready for the upcoming growing season; plus, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that your lot looks great. We can provide any and all of the following services, per your request:

Competing Branches

If you have a tree with branches that are rubbing against each other, it may be best to cut one of the branches to save the other. We’ll assess your unique situation, and determine whether or not a branch can be saved. Often, it’s healthy for the tree to thin out some of the branches, since other branches will receive more sunlight and nutrients.

More Sunlight

As we just mentioned, your tree’s leaves need sunlight to thrive. If your leaves aren’t receiving enough light, crown thinning may be the solution. Crown thinning also helps your lawn and other flora throughout your landscape to thrive.

Danger to Your Property

Have branches that are scraping into your home? Or branches that are dangling over a sidewalk? We’ll take out the hazard.

Pests, Unhealthy Limbs, and Dead Limbs

Do you have tree limbs that aren’t their healthiest? If pests, natural disasters, or age have battered your tree, we can lop off limbs that aren’t growing. Keep an eye out for limbs that aren’t growing leaves, limbs that are discolored, and limbs that are missing bark; they’ll likely need to be removed. Don’t worry, removing these limbs will help your tree’s overall health!