Deadwood Removal

If you have a dead tree or two on your property, we’re here to help. We remove dead and dying trees, and we can lop off any dead or dying tree limbs throughout your landscape.

Let’s talk about the dangers of deadwood, signs of deadwood, when you should act, and why you should count on us to get the job done

Signs of Deadwood

If you have a tree with any of the following signs you may have a tree that’s damaged and in need of attention:

No Leaves: If your tree’s limbs aren’t producing leaves in the spring, then those limbs are dead or dying.

No Bark: If your tree is lacking bark, it may be dying or dead. Bark acts as a protective layer, and a loss of bark may be an indicator that your tree, or your tree’s limbs, won’t last.

Signs of Pests and Fungus: If your tree has any limbs that are discolored, have holes in them, or are missing bark or leaves, the tree may be affected by pests or fungus. We’ll let you know if your tree may be able to recover.

Natural Disasters: Natural disasters happen. Trees can blow over in strong winds, they can succumb to weight caused by snow, and they can be struck by lightning. Regardless of the disaster, we provide emergency tree services to take care of your damaged trees.

Leaning Tree: If you have a tree that’s leaning, it may be a danger, and its roots may be failing. In some cases, a leaning tree may be remedied with reinforcement. That said, it’s likely that the tree will have to be removed.