Landscaping Cleanups

Do you have a landscape that is overrun with trees, shrubs, and the like? We can help. Count on the experts here at Able Tree to clean up your property with our cleanups, including our spring and fall cleanup services. We have the right tools, the necessary skills, and years of experience cleaning up properties throughout Michigan.

Spring Cleanups Services

When spring rolls around, it’s likely that your landscape will look a little lackluster, thanks to the snowy months. You can end up with felled trees, broken branches, dead shrubs and bushes, sorry-looking mulch, you name it. Fortunately, you can count on the experts here at Able Tree to clean up your property. As the weather warms up, you can schedule an appointment with us to take a look at your property and provide a thorough cleanup. We’ll customize our services to fit your individual needs, but our goal is always the same: With our spring cleanups, we strive to make sure that your property and its plants are ready for the upcoming growing season; plus, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that your lot looks great. We can provide any and all of the following services, per your request:

Debris cleanup: Do you have loose branches scattered throughout your landscape? Or perhaps your mulch ended up strewn about your yard. Maybe you have piles of leaves that have accumulated along the shrubs by your fence line. Regardless of what ended up where on your property, we can provide debris cleanups, so that your landscape looks fresh and ready for the growing season. Plus, once we’ve scooped all of the debris around your landscape into piles, we’ll pour those piles onto our trucks and trailers, and haul them off, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Pruning bushes and shrubs: As your bushes and shrubs are dormant or beginning to grow again, it’s a good idea to give them a prune. We can prune your shrubs and bushes so that your landscape looks tidy, and your plants aren’t overgrowing into your yard or over other landscape features. We’ll ensure that your bushes and shrubs are perfectly prepared for a healthy growing season. Continue reading about our bush and shrub trimming services, if you’d like.

Trimming trees: Throughout winter, your trees can become battered by weather. If you have trees with broken limbs and branches, or you simply have trees that are overgrown, then we can tend to them during a spring cleanup. We can lop off any troublesome branches, including dead branches, branches that are broken, branches that obstruct your view, and branches that are growing too close to your home. Feel free to read more about our tree trimming services.

Canopy elevation: If the canopy of your trees is drooping too low, it can create problems. You could end up with low-hanging branches that can be dangerous for those who are walking by. Or your branches may make it difficult to mow your lawn, or to perform other landscaping tasks. Low-hanging branches can also obstruct the growth of other plants, or they may grow too close to your home, your garage, your driveway, or the sidewalk. Regardless of the situation at hand, we can provide canopy elevation services so that your trees look great, and they’re entirely unobstructive. Spring is a good time to cut branches, since your tree will have time to recover from a cut, and the tree won’t suffer from exposure to colder temperatures. You can learn more about our canopy elevation services.

Crown thinning: On the flip side, if you have trees whose canopies are too full, we can also provide crown thinning services during our spring cleanups. We’ll lop off branches that obstruct your view or cast too much shade on your property. We’re always cautious not to remove too many branches if we’re performing a crown thinning or canopy elevation job, and we will leave any branches that are essential for the health of the tree. With Able Tree Experts, tree thinning couldn’t be easier. Why? Well, we have two massive boom trucks at our disposal, so we can reach those otherwise unreachable branches throughout your canopy. We’ll safely cut and lower these branches, so that your landscape looks great for the coming year. Feel free to read more about our crown thinning services.

Cutting down trees: If you have a few trees that didn’t make it through the last harsh winter, we can cut them down and remove them. For smaller trees, we can cut them down in a matter of minutes, and we may be able to pull out the stump so that your can re-landscape your property or plant a new tree. For larger trees, we’ll utilize safety equipment to scale your tree (or we’ll use our boom trucks), then we’ll tie off sections of your tree, we’ll cut those sections, and we’ll lower them safely to the ground one by one, until you’re left with a stump. You can read more about our tree removal services.

Shrub and bush removal: Some shrubs and bushes won’t make it through the cold of winter either. If you’ve noticed that your shrubs aren’t blooming, or your bushes aren’t bearing leaves, then it’s likely that they’ve fallen victim to the last cold season. Again, like the dead trees on your property, we can remove these dead plants, so that you can plant something in their place. Feel free to read more about our shrub and bush removal services.

Adding mulch: As the tree experts in the area, you may guess that we have access to wood chips — and you’d be right. We have an endless supply of wood chips that serve well as mulch for your property. We’d be happy to enrich your landscape with a fresh layer of mulch this spring! Laying down mulch in the spring will help you to keep weeds at bay throughout the year, while also providing valuable nutrients for nearby trees and plants that will begin to grow this season. You can learn more about our wood chips and mulch!

Lot clearing: Spring may just be the perfect time to clear out some of those old, gnarly shrubs, bushes, and trees on your property. If you want to begin the growing season with a fresh start, we provide complete lot clearing services, so that you have a blank slate as the weather warms up. We can remove any trees and other flora that you may have on your property, as well as other landscaping features. We can clear property of any size, and we utilize the right equipment and heavy machinery to make quick work of any project. You can continue reading about our lot and land clearing services.

Fall Cleanups Services

As the autumn air moves in, it’s time to prepare your landscape for the snow and cold. We offer fall cleanup services that are designed just for that purpose. If you like to keep your landscape in pristine condition and well-prepared for the dormant months, we can ready your landscape with a fall cleanup.

We can provide all of the aforementioned services (under our spring cleanups section). Reach out to us if you’re curious about any of our cleanup services, or if you’re ready to get a free estimate for your upcoming project!