Land & Lot Clearing

Here at Able, we bring experience to the table to get the job done right, and we bring heavy equipment to your project to get the job done fast. Our lot clearing services are an excellent option for those who are looking to build on their property, those seeking to redo their landscape, and those who simply want to prepare their lot for sale. With Able Tree Experts, you’ll have your lot cleared and regraded so that you’re ready to start your next project. If you have a lot that’s completely overgrown with trees, shrubs, weeds, and debris, it’s time to give us a call — we provide lot and land clearing services for folks throughout Ray Township, Macomb, and the surrounding area. You can also learn more about our lot clearing services, the benefits of working with Able, and you’ll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

When you trust Able Tree Experts, you’re trusting a team that with the experience, machinery, and knowledge to ensure that your lot clearing project goes off without a hitch. Our process is simple: First, we’ll work with you to understand your vision for your property, and we’ll make sure we understand precisely how much of your lot you need to clear, and how you’d like to have the property graded after all of the trees, debris, and other flora are removed. Next, we can help you to get any necessary permits that you may need for your project — depending on the location of your property, you may need a permit to legally clear your lot here in the state of Michigan. Once we understand your vision and have the proper documents in hand, we’ll get to work. We’ll bring in heavy machinery and a variety of power tools to make quick work of the trees on your property. We can complete most projects in a day or two, depending on the size of your lot. Once we’re finished, we’ll check with you to make sure we’ve completely met your expectations.

Benefits of Lot Clearning

Improve Ease of Building

It’s easier to build on a lot without any obstructions. With a tabula rasa (or blank slate), you’ll be able to design your building as you’d like. That can prove crucial for both residential and commercial properties, and that’s why we often work with developers to prepare their property for building. If you’re in the design process, or you already have a vision in mind, our land clearing is likely the first step to break ground on your project

Improve Property Value

If you have property that is valuable, yet covered with trees, plants, and debris, then it may be difficult to attract a buyer. We can clear your property of these unsightly obstructions so that potential buyers will find your land more desirable. After you’ve cleared your lot, you may be able to earn a better price for your property, and you may be able to sell your property more quickly.

Prevention of Disease Spread

With old, rotting trees, garbage, and other sources of disease on your property, lot clearing can ensure that your landscape is safe and ready for planting. Disease can spread easily from tree to tree, and if you have garbage rotting on your lot, it can prove to be a hazard when you begin to build. We can clear away all of these problematic sources of disease, so that you have a fresh start.

Better Aesthetics and Landscaping Potential

Do you have a property that is overwhelmed with trees, weeds, and junk? We can clean it up. We’ll clear away unsightly trees, all of those weeds, and any rubbish that is around your property. From there, the building and landscaping possibilities will be endless, and you’ll love the clean, new look of your land.

Clearing Underbrush

Thick brush and forests can prove to be a fire hazard. If you have a property that is overgrown with trees and shrubs, you may need to have it cleared out to keep any nearby buildings safe. We can strategically remove underbrush to minimize the risk of a fire, meanwhile we can leave specific trees on your property that add to its aesthetic appeal.

Pool Installations

If you’d like to install a pool on your property, you’ll have to pull out all of the trees that obstruct your excavation. We can quickly and accurately remove troublesome trees on your property that are in the way of your upcoming pool project.

Improved Views and Sunlight

Whether you’d like to plant a garden in the coming growing season or you’d simply like to improve the sunlight that you recieve on your back patio, we can help. We can clear your lot of any trees that are obstructing your view or soaking up the sun rays that you’d like to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lot Clearings

How much does lot clearing cost?

Lot clearing will vary depending on a number of factors. We can come to your property to provide you with an accurate quote for your specific project. We’ll take a look at the size of the property, the accessibility, the grading needs, the amount of trees on site, and the amount of debris that will need to be removed — among other factors. Reach out to us today if you’d like to learn more about our pricing structure and if you’d like to get a quote for your project.

Is a permit required to clear out my property?

Permit requirements vary location by location. Here in the state of Michigan, you may be required to obtain a permit for your lot clearing project, depending on the risk of erosion, the number of trees being displaced, and whether or not your property is considered a wetlands area — among other factors. If you’d like to take a look at an overview of some of the permit requirements that must be fulfilled for lot clearing on Michigan property, you can check out the Land Clearing Management document from Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality.

Can I perform a land clearing project myself?

While you can perform a land clearing project yourself, you should be wary that you’ll have to obtain permits, and the process can be expensive, time consuming, and dangerous if you aren’t properly prepared. With Able Tree Experts, you can trust that we’ll obtain the right permits for your particular jobsite. Plus, we provide affordable rates for our work, and we use heavy machinery to make quick work of even the most difficult tasks. Beyond that, we wear the right safety equipment, and always work with safe practices. We’re also insured, in case anything does happen while we’re on the job. In short, you won’t have to lift a finger, and you won’t have to spend much to get your project off the ground swiftly and smoothly.

Why should I choose Able Tree Experts?

As your local tree care team, we have a few advantages over other lot clearing providers: We can take down the biggest trees on your property; and we have the experience and knowledge to perform all tree removals safely. We utilize appropriate tree removal equipment, including a crane when necessary, to clear your lot while protecting any valuable property that resides nearby.

Can you level and grade my lot?

Yes. While we’re on site, we’d be happy to level and grade the terrain as you’d like, so that you’re ready to start your building project. We use bulldozers and skid-steers to move earth on your property, providing you with the grade that you desire for your landscaping and building vision.

Can I keep the wood from my property?

Can I keep the wood from my property?

Absolutely. We can chip all of the wood on your property into a mulch if you’d like to use it for gardening, planters, and landscaping. Or, if you prefer, we can split your wood into firewood, so that it can be dried and utilized as you’d like. Learn more about our mulch.

Will I be able to plant grass on my lot after it is cleared?

Yes. With proper preparation, you should be able to plant grass on your property in no time. We strive not to leave too many wood chips if you’re planning on planting grass, so that your soil remains ideal for seed or sod. You may want to check the pH and nutrient balances of your soil before you plant, and you may need to add a topsoil to ensure that your grass takes hold of the soil on your recently cleared property.

Ready to get Started?

You can learn more about our tree care and lot clearing company, and feel free to take a look at our gallery of completed projects. Now, what’re you waiting for? If you’re ready to give your property a second chance, count on us to clear your lot. Get in touch with us to get a free estimate on your upcoming project. We provide lot clearing services for folks throughout Ray Township, Macomb, and beyond.